Lai Man Chun, Anthony is the founder and managing partner of M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP. In 2016, M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP and Beijing DHH Group worked closely together to open DHH & M.C.A. Lai (Qianhai) Law Firm in Shenzhen. Currently, Deheng Law Group has nearly 1,000 lawyers and professionals in China and around the world. In order to tie in with the “One Belt, One Road” national development strategy, Deheng Law Group has joined the Huanyu China-ASEAN Cooperation Center and set up a branch office in Shanghai providing professional legal services for investment along the Belt and Road.

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Mr. Lai graduated from the prestigious University of Sydney (L.L.B & B. Com) in 1998. Subsequently, he obtained his Master Degree in Law (L.L.M) at the University of London, and is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in Law (Phd.) at the Tsinghua University.

Mr. Lai was admitted as a Solicitor in New South Wales of Australia in 1999, Solicitor of the High Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2002 and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales in 2004. Prior to founding M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP, Mr. Lai practiced in a leading international law firm for seven years. Today, M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP has already set up five branches and has a team of more than 100 outstanding legal professionals located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Pakistan and Australia.

Mr. Lai is the legal consultant of Guangxi HeChi Government (PRC), QDAC Arbitrator (Qingdao, PRC), Honorary Director of the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and the director of Hong Kong/Guangdong Legal Services Center of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises. Mr. Lai has a wealth of legal experience and impressive achievements, which covers commercial litigation, work injury disputes, non-litigation business, etc. Mr. Lai especially has a wealth of practical experience and a solid network of contacts for the provision of the “One Belt, One Road” policy. M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP regularly writes articles used to share the firm’s experience in handling cases, and participates in legal seminars across the country.

In addition to his numerous responsibilities, Mr. Lai has never forgotten to contribute to the community, especially the education of young people. He has donated millions of dollars to support sports development and schools in Hong Kong and mainland China. M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP is strongly praises and supports this this kind of charitable and helpful spirit towards the general public and social organizations.

When Mr. Lai was previously practicing in an international law firm, he was full of ambition and confidence in creating his own law firm. This dream finally became a reality in 2007 and has become today’s M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP.

Today, M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP, with its large professional team, has become to be known in Hong Kong as a large mid-tier sized firm. The firm’s philosophy is to provide the utmost professional legal services to its clients and the community. Needless to say, in hand with Haworth & Lexon Law Firm, M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP will achieve and maintain this idea. Mr. Lai has made his own remarkable legal achievements, including:

  1. Represented a client in a commercial litigation case, the subject of which was up to HK$200 million;

  2. Participated in a case of professional negligence against a large international law firm;

  3. Advising one of the richest Asian family on a $900 million trust administration;

  4. Dealt with a cross-border business mergers case for a fashion product company;

  5. Successfully handled a transnational trade project between Chinese enterprises and German enterprises, involving amounts of up to HK$800 million.

  6. In addition to Mr. Lai’s professionalism, his entrepreneurial style has diversified the direction of development of the law firm.


DHH & M.C.A. Lai (Qianhai) Law Firm

DHH & M.C.A. Lai (Qianhai) Law Firm is a high-end commercial legal service organization with nearly 50 lawyers. It has offices in Hong Kong and mainland China. The China office is located in Tianxia International Center, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The Hong Kong office is located in Dominion Centre, Queens Road East, Wan Chai. The total office area is nearly 1,500 square meters.

DHH & M.C.A. Lai (Qianhai) Law Firm was established by the close collaboration of Beijing DHH Law Group and M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP. It is a high-end commercial legal service maintained by the cooperation of lawyers in two different places, to form legal teams in family trust, investment and financing, securities and capital market, international trade, intellectual property, customs, taxation, labor and personnel, dispute settlements and so on. This enables us to provide one-stop legal services in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

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Deheng Law Group, established in 1993, is a leading law firm in China with nearly 1300 legal professionals. Beijing DHH Law Firm and Shandong Deheng Law Firm are the two major offices of Deheng Law Group. The Group also has 27 offices located in major commercial hubs such including as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, along with representative offices in Washington DC, Moscow, Taipei, Seoul, Berlin, Sydney, Toronto, and Singapore. Deheng Law Group has a strong reputation on eight core practice groups: banking and financial services, corporate law, securities and capital markets, international practice, government affairs, real estate and construction, intellectual property, and dispute resolution. Deheng Law Group has led the formation of Elite Chinese Legal Alliance (ECLA), one of the largest cross-border platforms for providing legal services in mainland China. It is also one of the two Chinese law firms joining the State Capital Group (SCG) and serves as a legal advisor for the Embassy of China in Russia.

M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP was established in 2008 and currently has more than 50 lawyers and a strong reputation. It not only has a focus on Hong Kong’s local legal business, but also on Australia, Pakistan and other “One Belt, One Road” countries. The firm has performed well in practice areas such as civil litigation, corporate and commercial services, asset trust management, immigration services, listing and financing, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, conveyance real estate, probate and succession, notary services, administrative law and tax law.