Our Vision:

To provide sustainable, cost-effective, high quality legal services to all people of different backgrounds within a positive office environment with ongoing legal skills training and to provide accessible justice with support to society and charitable organisations.

M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP was founded in Hong Kong in 2007 by the firm’s founding partner Mr. Lai Man Chun, Anthony. Mr. Lai’s farsightedness as well as his enthusiasm for the law and internationalization, has allowed for the firm to form an association with the Beijing DHH Law Firm.

In 2016, the firm worked closely together with the Beijing DHH Group to establish DHH & M.C.A. Lai (Qianhai) Law Firm and formed the DHH & M.C.A. Lai Law Group. As of today, DHH & M.C.A. Lai Group consists of Beijing DHH Law Firm and Shandong Deheng Law Firm in mainland China; M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP in Hong Kong and Australia; and M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP in Pakistan. DHH & M.C.A. Lai Law Group has thousands of lawyers and professionals as well as offices in key cities around the world, in order to provide one-stop quality and comprehensive legal services to clients.

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The firm’s commercial and corporate team has extensive and comprehensive local and transnational legal knowledge and practical experience. We are able to provide high quality and efficient corporate and commercial legal services. Our areas of strength include contract disputes, bankruptcy, trading services, insurance, corporate affairs, business, real estate, litigation and arbitration.

The firm has an excellent intellectual property team that provides comprehensive intellectual property legal services, especially for the maintenance and protection of trademarks, patents and copyrights. We have represented large mainland Chinese and Hong Kong enterprises in trademark infringement actions, and have succeeded in saving them from billion dollar losses.

The firm also has an excellent domestic and international anti-unfair competition, anti-monopoly and anti-dumping team, of which is at our clients’ disposal. When our clients encounter improper commercial discrimination or other illegal business activities which have caused our clients’ losses, we can protect the rights of our clients and maintain and promote our clients’ normal business activities.

Bankruptcy liquidation and asset restructuring are important areas of our firm’s legal services. We have an exemplary and experienced team of lawyers engaged in bankruptcy liquidation and asset restructuring legal services, who works tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ assets are as fully liquidated as possible and that their assets are reasonably allocated. Our lawyers in this field have been engaged in a large number of bankruptcy liquidation and asset restructuring cases in mainland China and have received unanimous praise from the industry.

Regarding asset securitization and initial public offerings, the firm’s elite domestic and transnational legal and economic knowledge enables us to provide our clients with project design services. At the same time, our legal team will continue to carry on detailed and relevant investigation into the project as well as provide comprehensive legal advice services. Combined with the advantages from the Beijing DHH & M.C.A. Lai Law Group, we can also provide asset securitization and listing services in mainland China, Hong Kong and Australia to meet the different requirements of different clients for the development of their capital market.

PRC criminal procedure law has also been one of the firm’s strengths. Our legal team not only consists of legal personnel who have graduated from top law schools but also lawyers who have engaged with criminal trials for many years, meaning that the criminal litigation team is not only profound in theory but also rich in litigation. Furthermore, as many of our lawyers have worked as judges in criminal trials, our firm can provide clients with an accurate analysis of the case from the judge’s point of view and for a justifiable defense.

In support of the “One Belt, One Road” national policy, our firm has strongly cooperated with DHH & M.C.A. Lai Law Group and the China One Belt, One Road ASEAN Legal Service Centre. Establishing relationships with State-Owned Enterprises and the setting up of the Overseas Human Rights Protection Center, has allowed the firm to accumulate a wealth of “One Belt, One Road” practical experiences and resources.