Our Vision:

To provide sustainable, cost-effective, high quality legal services to all people of different backgrounds within a positive office environment with ongoing legal skills training and to provide accessible justice with support to society and charitable organisations.

M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP was founded in Hong Kong in 2007 by the firm’s founding partner Mr. Lai Man Chun, Anthony. Mr. Lai’s farsightedness as well as his enthusiasm for the law and internationalization, has allowed for the firm to form an association with the Beijing DHH Law Firm.

In 2016, the firm worked closely together with the Beijing DHH Group to establish DHH & M.C.A. Lai (Qianhai) Law Firm and formed the DHH & M.C.A. Lai Law Group. As of today, DHH & M.C.A. Lai Group consists of Beijing DHH Law Firm and Shandong Deheng Law Firm in mainland China; M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP in Hong Kong and Australia; and M.C.A. Lai Solicitors LLP in Pakistan. DHH & M.C.A. Lai Law Group has thousands of lawyers and professionals as well as offices in key cities around the world, in order to provide one-stop quality and comprehensive legal services to clients.

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